Our Customer Satisfaction Research Programme

Irish Life’s Customer Satisfaction

“Doing best what matters most”

Every month, we conduct customer satisfaction research as part of our ongoing commitment to improve our customer service standards. An independent market research company, The Leadership Factor carries out this research on our behalf as part of our Intouch Customer Satisfaction program which first started in 2003.

We survey our customers at 6 different touch points when they transact with us:

    • Customer Service Centre Enquiries – weekly by email
    • Completing a Full Financial Review – weekly by email
    • Using our Online Services – weekly by email
    • Taking out a new plan – monthly by email
    • Making a withdrawals – monthly by phone & email
    • Making a Complaint – monthly by phone.If you are contacted we hope you can participate.

Each month 600+ customers respond to our surveys.

If you are contacted we hope you can participate.

Our Customer Satisfaction scores have risen consistently over the last 5 years in particular and are now at their highest ever level.

We’re working harder than ever to make things easier for you.

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