How to make an Online Payment?

You can make premium payments online through My Online Services. Just log in and click the 'Make a payment online' option. You can make one or multiple payments on plans shown.

You can make payments by debit or credit card but the card must be in the name of the plan owner.

To sign up for My Online Services:
1. Call us now on 01 704 1010
2. We will email you your Self Service ID (SSID)
3. We will also text you your temporary password within a couple of hours.
4. Once you have your Self Service ID and password, visit to log in.

A few points to note
The Turnaround time for your payment to be applied to your plan is 3 days where payments are made before 10 pm at night. Customers who pay between 10pm & 12am have effectively a 4 day turnaround.


Payment Process Walk through

Home Screen


Payment Details Screen – “Make a Payment”


Checkout Basket

“If there is a direct debit currently in process or you have recently made a card payment, please be aware that there is a risk of multiple payments being taken from your account.

Please be satisfied that no other payments are pending before you proceed”


Entering Card info…


Payment Confirmation Screen (after processing payment)


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