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Lost Plan Declaration Form

To be completed if you require a Certified Copy of your Plan Schedule to assign the plan to an Institution/Bank? 

Examples where this form may not be required to be completed.

If you just want a copy of the schedule for your own records, we will print one stamped Copy and confirm in our letter that its only for your own record.

If your plan started within the last 6 months and you haven't received your Welcome Pack.

Call us now on 01 7041010.

If your plan is already assigned to an Institution/Bank and you need a Certified Copy to either reassign it to another Institution/Bank, we cannot issue one as the bank should hold the Original. If they don't have it, they will then need to complete the Lost Plan Declaration Form or send in a Deed Of Release. 

When they release their interest in your plan they should return the document to you. If they don’t we can then send you a Lost Plan Declaration Form for a certified copy to be issued.

  • You can print a copy of the Lost Plan Declaration Form by clicking on one of the options in the right top corner of the form, this completed form can be:
    • Posted to Irish Life, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.
    • Faxed to customer service on 01 242 2931.
    • Scanned to your PC or Mac and email it to
    • If you have a smart phone you can take a clear picture of the form and email it to

 Click on the link below to open the form

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