I received a letter that I missed a payment, but I already paid?

The missed payment letter is sent automatically when a payment is missed. You may have paid by card or cheque just before the letter was sent.

With card and cheque payments it can take a few days for the payment to be added to your plan. So the letter would have been sent before the payment was added.

When you make a payment we will send you a letter or text message to confirm this has been paid. You should receive this shortly if you haven't already.

If you still have any concerns about your plan, please call us on 01 704 1010. You can also log on to your My Online Services account to check your latest payments under the billing section. You can also make payments online using your Visa or Debit card.

If you need help logging on to My Online Services please click here.

Need more information? – contact us here.

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