Can I cancel inflation protection (Indexation) on my plan?

Yes, you can cancel inflation protection (indexation) on your plan.

  • If you are the only person named on it, you can phone customer service on 01 704 10 10 to cancel it.
  • If your plan is in two names we need a signed written instruction signed by all policy owners saying that you want to cancel indexation on your plan.

If you cancel indexation two years in a row, it will be removed from your plan and cannot be added back.

You can send in your a written request by:

    • Posting to Irish Life, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1.
    • Fax to customer service on 01 242 2931.
    • Scan the requirements to your PC or Mac and email them to
    • If you have a smart phone you can take a clear picture of the requirements and email it to
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