Being smart with your money

Looking for new ways to make savings in your personal finances and better ways to manage your household budget? We hope this guide will provide practical suggestions for day to day expenditure and help you take control of your finances.


Thinking about some of the savings that you could make?
Cut out a magazine a week €3x52=€156
Cut out your daily takeaway coffee €3x260=€780
Bring your own lunch to work €5x260=€1,300

Turn down your thermostat by 1. This will cut your bills by approximately 10%.It’s time to take control! - Some ways in which you can save

  • Select the lowest temperature that is recommended on your washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Always fill your washing machine and dishwasher.
  • ‘A’ rated appliances can use less energy than older appliances.
  • Only boil enough water for the hot drinks you are making.
  • Is your roof properly insulated? Up to 30% of the heat in your house can be lost through the roof.
  • Equipment on standby uses 20% of the energy it would when fully on.
  • Visit This site compares broadband, home phone and mobile costs.
  • Trade in your old phone. Trade-ins can be worth €20- €150.
  • Set up a Skype account for international calls.
  • Look up for potential savings on international calls.
  • Cut back on little luxuries
  • Buy a kettle or coffee maker for work or bring a flask
  • Bring your own lunch to work

Check Your House and Contents Insurance

House insurance cover is for the rebuild cost of the house and not the current value of the house. Most rebuild costs are falling so make sure you are not over insured.

Why Not Review Your Finances?

  • Take a thorough look at your arrangements
  • Address shortfalls in key areas
  • Prioritise your plans
  • Decide on solutions
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