Clear PRSA

Clear PRSA

Our Clear PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account) helps you build up a fund for your retirement. Clear PRSA is an easy-to-understand pension plan which puts you in control while offering you great choice of funds.

What does the Irish Life PRSA offer you?

Wide range of funds

With our pensions you have a choice of funds which track the performance of bonds, shares and property markets.

Reduced entry charges

Entry charges are the fees you pay on the contribution you make. If you stay invested in your PRSA pension for five years, we will reward your loyalty by reducing this entry charge. From year six on, the entry charge on your regular contribution will reduce by 0.5% (if there is an entry charge on your plan).

Smoothing into retirement

We offer two different strategies which gradually increase the security of your pension funds as you get closer to retirement. This is done by gradually moving from higher growth funds to safer options such as cash funds and bonds.


If you want to make regular contributions, you can choose the level of your contribution and you have the option to increase or reduce it at any time. However, the highest regular contribution you can pay is €5,000 per month, €7,500 every three months, €15,000 every six months, or €30,000 per year. The minimum yearly contribution you can make into this plan is €300.

You can add one-off contributions to your plan at any time or, if you prefer, make these payments each year instead of regular contributions. You can even take a break in payments if you need to.

Keeping track of your money

Every six months we will send you a statement of account and an investment report to let you know how your pension is doing. Once a year we'll also send you a more detailed statement (called a "statement of reasonable projection") to help you continually assess your retirement plans.


Find out more about Our Clear PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account) here

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