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Restarting a plan

Depending on when the plan issued we have slightly different rules on what is needed to reinstate a plan. Because of this it is very important you check the start date of your plan before requesting to reinstate your plan.

See the below for reinstatement details.

1. Reinstatement on plans issued before 31 December 2012

Time Lapsed                           

 0-3 months (90 days)

  • you can restart your existing plan at the same payment, once you pay any money owed

 3-6 months (180 days) 

  • You will need to complete a Declaration of Health form.
  • If your health has not changed you can restart your plan at the same payment you just have to pay any payments owed.
  • If your health has changed you will need to speak to your Financial Advisor to take out a new plan

If you have not paid for more than 6 months you will need to take out a new plan. We recommend that you speak to your Financial Advisor.


2. Reinstatement on plans issued since 1 January 2013

Time Lapsed                                                

0-3 months (90 days)                            

  • You just need to pay anything owed on the plan to restart it.

3-6 months (180 days)                          

6-12 months (360 days)                        

  • Arrears & a completed proposal form (Call 01 7041010 to request this form).

After 12 months arrears you will need to take out a new plan. we recommend that you speak to your Financial Advisor.

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