Family Finance Guide

With the effects of the budget being felt for the first time in everyone’s January pay-packets, you may be considering what you could cut back on and what you need to keep in place.

Research we carried out recently with iReach shows that:

  • Over 3/4s of Irish adults say they are concerned they won’t be able to cope financially in the coming years
  • Yet only 4 out of 10 have a financial plan in place or a have done a financial review in the last year
  • 6 out of 10 parents say they would struggle in event of a death or illness in the family


That’s why we sponsored 'YOUR MONEY, a guide to Family Finances', independently written and edited by Charlie Weston of the Irish Independent. It covers everything from managing credit card debt to household budgeting, and from energy saving in the home to protecting your family’s lifestyle.


Read the guide now or Download the PDF

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