Getting Financial Advice

Irish Life Financial Services have a team of financial advisers ready to help get you started with financial planning.

At the click of a button, a qualified ILFS advisor can help you:

  • Apply for a plan with Irish Life today
  • Get a more detailed quote
  • Simply get a better understanding of Life Insurance, Pensions and Investment products
  • Get a full Financial Consultation

 Financial Review

Tele-advisers can offer you a no obligation, free of charge, full financial review. With a Full Financial Review you get a personalised report detailing your current financial status, and the steps needed to help protect you and your family, and plan ahead for the future.


The team can also provide detailed life insurance quotes and can fulfill sales over the phone.

Virtual Meeting

Speak face to face with an advisor from the comfort of your desk or home, using webinar software called Goto-Meeting. Using this facility you can see everything the adviser is doing as they go through the financial review process - and you can see them too! But don't worry, they can't see you unless you allow them to.

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