How long do death claims usually take to process?

We try to process claims as quickly as we can. We pay a third of death claims in four weeks or less.

But, the length of time it takes for us to pay a death claim can vary, and if legal issues are involved (for example if we need grant of probate) it typically takes around 25 weeks, from when we are told about the death.

The following are examples of when we may take longer paying a claim.

  • If we are waiting for copies of documents such as a death certificate, grant of probate, will or inquest report. This is by far the most common reason why it may take longer paying a claim.
  • If we are waiting to be sent medical evidence from the doctors or specialists of the person who has died. Sometimes, we may need to ask doctors for extra information. We will remind doctors regularly if we are waiting for information.
  • Some claims are quite complicated and we may have to carry out a detailed medical assessment. We will usually use our own doctors for this.

Read our booklet on making a death claim

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